8 Steps to a Highly Effective Banner Ad

June 15, 2020

8 Steps to a Highly Effective Banner Ad

These steps are key for anyone doing online Advertising, paid, or not.

Banner Ad Preparation Reminders

  1. Define your goal & how to measure success
  2. Define your audience
  3. Select your Ad Strategy
    – Single image
    – Carousel or Group of images
    – Video – multiple images
    – Video – slide show
    – Video – live action
  4. Decide your Budget

Banner Ad Creation Check List

  1. Message Clarity: Avoid being “cute” or “clever” eg rhyming, double meanings, etc
  2. Text: 8-10 words max
  3. Font: Easy to read text
    – Avoid text vs image competition
    – Fonts like Helvetica, Sans Serif or Futura are the easiest to view from a distance
  4.  Image: Relevant, engaging, emotionally evocative photos
  5. Branding: Use logo (or domain name)
  6. Colours: 2-3 colours max, consistent with branding
  7. Call to Action: button – make it stand out
  8. Split Test: ie 2nd version run in parallel (only 1 distinct difference
    – critical for high traffic and/or long-running ads

Enjoy, and take action!


Ken Johnstone

... is an Online Business Advisor and Media Producer with international experience. As well as his own projects, Ken works with selected Business Owners who aim to significantly grow their profits through their Digital Marketing Strategies. NEW: Proprietary "Funnel Mapping Software" for clarity in communicating business strategies.


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